Migration and the frames of culture

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My work is on the cultural expressions of migration. To this end, I look at texts of various kinds in their intersection with migration. These texts include literary ones, films, and photographs. Through engaging with these texts, my work highlights aspects of desire, memory, aspiration, etc. therein. The overall aim of the work is to look at migration beyond the frame of remittance and focus at the level of subjectivization, and to relocate frames of culture. At present my site is the largescale circular migration to the Arab Gulf states from Kerala. In my study I draw upon literary works that belong to various genres and languages, in addition to films and photographs. Besides this, I also have an abiding research interest in visual cultures, especially in their conjunction with films, and film cultures understood to be at the margins of the mainstream cinema. My work, diachronic and hermeneutic in its general thrust, looks at its site holistically, illustrating and drawing on the cross connections between texts that belong to different genres and media.

A few of my recent works are listed below:

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Spring 10-30-2022