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Our research interest is to study the implications of the Particle Physics scenarios beyond the Standard Model. Currently, we are looking into the predictions of CP violating phases in modified tribimaximal scenarios and flavor violation in Alternative left-right model.

The tribimaximal mixing provides a compelling ground for understanding the observed neutrino mixing as it predicts =45°, ° and ° which can be taken as the origin of leading order explanation to the current neutrino mixing angle experimental results. In this study, we are performing a comprehensive analysis of the modified tribimaximal mixing scenarios for numerically deriving the constraints on Majorana phases from the permitted parameter space of neutrino mixing angle data. We are investigating the characteristics features of viable parameter space for normal as well as inverted hierarchy neutrino mass spectrum, and the corresponding bounds on CP violating phases. In future, we are planning to extend this work to explore other well-known mixing schemes.

The left-right model (LRM) is one of the natural extensions of the Standard Model which accounts for neutrino masses and origin of parity violation in low energy weak interactions. However, tree level flavor violation puts stronger constraints on these models and thus it is not possible to detect the possible residual effects of symmetry breaking at Large Hadron Collider. In this work, we are studying flavor violation in one of the conventional variants of the LRM called as alternative left-right model (ALRM). Here flavor violation is absent at tree level and thus making this model as an interesting scenario for TeV scale Physics. We are first studying the process t-> c gamma at 1-loop level. This work will be carried forward to study other flavor violating processes like b -> s gamma etc.

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Winter 11-1-2022