Energy Storage Devices

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Our team research involves development of materials ranging from nano to microparticles that are suitable for energy storage application. We have experience in preparing wide range of materials such as MXene, hard carbon, activated carbon, reduced graphene oxide, metal oxides, conducting polymers, covalent organic frame work (COF), Metal organic framework (MOF), etc.,.

Development of all solid-state energy storage device is our area of main interest wherein we develop polymer electrolytes etc., An book titled ‘biopolymer electrolyte is published in Elsevier publications.

A complete electrochemical characterization and fabrication of energy storage device such as supercapacitors are performed in our laboratory.

Development of sensors for detection of pharmaceutical discharges, heavy metal detection, organic dyes are also performed in our research group.

I welcome you for collaboration and write jointly write a proposal to funding agencies.

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Publication Date

Spring 10-1-2022