Electrical, thermal and structural properties of Magnetic and thermoelectric materials

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We study various thermoelectric materials for energy related applications. Attempts have been done on using different strategies like doping, composites etc. The main aim for these are to enhance the figure of merit as well as power factor in order to make the material suitable for device applications. We have also utilized other strategies like tuning sintering parameters and using electron beam irradiation. The various systems studies are Cu2Se, Cu2SnSe3, ZnO etc. The work is progressing in other novel thermoelectric materials. The laboratory presently has low as well as high temperature facilities including themopower and electrical resistivity. I have received funding from various funding agencies like DST, DAE-BRNS and CSIR. Using different strategies, we have been able to enhance the figure of merit in some systems using doping and composites. In some other systems, we could lower thermal conductivity.

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Spring 10-1-2022