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In my research, I focus on the usage of light to address and unveil the problems that fall into the category of interfacial and nanobiophotonics. I attempt to bridge the gap between insight-driven research on the fundamental level and applied research by bringing novel ideas that have emerged from the former into the context of practical applications. For that, We mainly harness the photons to probe and understand the Nano/Bio/Photonics systems and try to integrate them for next-generation applications. Our major areas of research are Nanoscale Surface Wettability Engineering for Photonics and Healthcare Applications, Optical Tweezers integrated with microfluidics and multi-modal spectroscopic techniques, Spectroscopic techniques for biomedical and environmental applications, Optothermal techniques and tweezers and Optical-Nanosensors. Designed and established laboratories for Optical tweezers combined with Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, Optothermal tweezers, Biomedical spectroscopy of body fluids for liquid biopsy applications, Surface Engineering, and Nanophotonics laboratory.


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Winter 11-1-2022