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Nowadays research is going on for the search of material which produces more ecofriendly renewable energy sources. Over the past years, hydrogen is used a clean source of energy. The existing fossil fuels will cause greenhouse emission and environmentally hazardous in nature. In this direction, water splitting technology is used to produce hydrogen as a renewable energy source and is ecofriendly in nature. In this regard, electroplating technology is used produce series of coatings and to split the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The developed coatings were used as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction. The electrocatalytic behavior of the coatings mainly depends on the surface area and number of active site availability for hydrogen evolution reaction. In this direction, alloy and composite coatings were used as electrocatalysts to produce hydrogen from the surface of the materials. At the same time, simple electroplating technology is followed in the form of alloy and composite coatings to improve corrosion resistant behavior of some industrial scale application materials.

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Winter 11-1-2022