Process and product development in the area of cell therapy for target indications

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Stem cells have been at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine. Stem cells have enormous potential; however, a highly inflammatory microenvironment at the injury site causes poor survival, uncontrolled differentiation, and therapeutic function of the injected/implanted cells. Many clinical trials indicated that stem cell therapy outcome was minimal to no clinical significance. We are addressing these problems by 1) developing scaffold materials for optimal cell delivery, 2) developing scaffold-free primed cell spheroids with controlled size in an injectable form to improve cell survival, differentiation, and secretion of bioactive factors for tissue regeneration, and 3) 3D composite spheroids to improve cell-matrix interactions, diffusion of nutrients, oxygen, and biochemical cues within the spheroids leading to desired tissue regeneration. Focused therapeutic areas are cartilage, intervertebral disc, and spinal cord injury.

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Spring 10-1-2022