Evaluation of Biological Effects of a newer restorative on the Gingival fibroblasts- In-vitro study

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News Article


Nowadays, aesthetics has been a common problem for which the patients seek the consultation. A combined restorative-periodontal therapy is required for treatment of gingival recession or non-carious cervical defects which are of prime esthetic concern. Various dental restorative materials have evolved which mimic various characteristics of teeth.Development of novel restorative materials has led to the increased interest in the evaluation of its biological risks. The response of gingival and periodontal tissues to the restorative material placed is very important. Glass ionomer cements and composites are the most popular restorative material of choice where esthetics is a major requisite. They exhibit good esthetic property in addition to their mechanical properties. Although these materials have been used successfully they still show some cytotoxicity against gingival fibroblasts. Cention-N is a newer restorative material having promising properties and could be used as an alternative to the existing restorative material because of its various mechanical properties. There have been no studies performed evaluating the biocompatibility of restorative material on gingiva or the periodontal structures. Hence, this study was planned with the objectives of evaluating the cytotoxic effects and cell adhesion property of the Cention N on the human gingival fibroblasts.

Publication Date

Spring 10-1-2022