b. Insitu gel delivery system of hop bract extract as local drug delivery for treatment of Periodontitis – an invitro study

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  1. Mechanical plaque control including scaling and root planing are one of the initial steps of the etiotropic phase of periodontal therapy. Plaque removal from deeper periodontal pockets is difficult, which might be a reason for the failure of periodontal therapy due to residual plaque. Hence use of chemical agents as an adjunct to mechanical plaque control seems reasonable in the treatment of periodontal disease. The concept of local delivery of the drug helps to overcome various problems related to systemic administration, like toxicity or the development of drug resistance. This helps in placing antibiotic or antiseptic agents in direct contact with the root surface that might be inaccessible to mechanical debridement.Studies have shown that traditional herbal agents and fruits can be used in the prevention or treatment of oral disease due to their ability to inhibit the adhesion of pathogenic biofilms in the oral cavity as well as their antimicrobial properties Based on various biological properties of polyphenols and also clinical study reports, developing a newer herbal polyphenol formulation for its use in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis could help improve the overall oral health of an individual.

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Spring 10-1-2022