3. Identification of oral bacteria in the gut, atherosclerotic plaque, and cultured blood samples of patients with cardiovascular diseases – A secondary analysis of metagenomic microbiome data

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  1. 1. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) encompass various conditions affecting the heart and its blood vessels. Oral bacteria are linked with many CVDs such as ischemic heart disease, angina, stroke, and atherosclerosis. The link between oral bacteria and CVDs is due to the ability of oral microbes to invade the systemic circulation (bacteremia) with a massive increase in pro-inflammatory cytokine production. Although the link between the oral cavity and CVDs is well established, only few oral bacteria have been identified in biologic samples of various CVD patients. Hence, we performed a secondary analysis of whole-genome microbiome data with the aim of highlighting the various oral bacteria that could be linked with CVD.

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Spring 10-1-2022