Antimicrobial resistance and diagnostics in infectious diseases

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Antimicrobials are the main source of treatment in case of infectious diseases. Appropriate use of the antimicrobials helps in reduction of spread of resistance among the pathogens and also flora in the environment. With the concept of ‘One Health’ it has become necessary to take steps towards reduction of development of antimicrobial resistance and avoid the spread of the same. Infectious disease diagnostics helps to achieve rapid and specific diagnosis so that the right antimicrobial can be used. Once the pathogen is identified it is mandatory to treat it with appropriate drug with right dose and for the right duration. In this perspective my interest is to use the different diagnostic methods to come to the right diagnosis and also in various aspects of antimicrobial sensitivity testing. Novel plant or nanoparticles are also tried for the antimicrobial properties on various commensal and pathogenic micro organisms. Direct detection of the various genes of resistance have been demonstrated in our studies. Being a part of the infection control and prevention committee in the hospital set up, there is a keen interest in the field of IPC.

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Spring 10-1-2022