Perception of dental patients over repeated history taking in the hospital: a multicentric study

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The patient's history is covered in a preliminary physical examination by a modern dental practitioner who specializes in complete health care. "Are you in good health’’ is no longer considered an adequate pretreatment evaluation. With the increase in malpractice lawsuits, it's become clear that the treating dentist is responsible for the patient's oral as well as general health. Before performing therapeutic or diagnostic operations, most dental offices now take medical and dental histories. This is due to the fact that oral disease cannot and should not be treated as if the mouth were isolated from the rest of the body. The history gives the practitioner information to connect the patient's general health, both past and present, to the treatment. Most patients get agitated and anxious because of the same questions being repeated in whichever department they visit for their treatment, due to time wastage the patient doesn’t end up getting his or her desired treatment on the same day instead has to come on some other day. This study aims to identify the perceptions of the patients’ and the barriers involved in obtaining accurate medical history

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Spring 10-1-2022