2. Formulation and characterization of a novel mucoadhesive, drug loaded film as a post-surgical periodontal dressing- an invitro study

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  1. 1. Wound dressings play a vital role in protecting the tissues during surgery and positively influence the outcome of the surgery. A few of the advantages of periodontal dressing involve clot stabilization, providing adequate adaptation of the tissues to the underlying bone and helping in the prevention of hemorrhage, protecting the wound from mechanical trauma. Periodontal dressings have evolved concerning their composition, physical and therapeutic properties. However, various drawbacks exist with the conventional widely used periodontal dressings, including poor esthetics, poor retention due to lack of muco-adhesion, ill-defined setting time, cumbersome chair side manipulation. The aim of the current study is to formulate and evaluate a mucoadhesive, drug loaded film as a post-surgical periodontal dressing.

Recent publications:

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  2. https://doi.org/10.7126/cumudj.1006424

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Summer 10-1-2022