Impact of an Interprofessional Educational Module on the Knowledge and Practice of Self-Management of Foot in People with Type II Diabetes mellitus

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Lack of awareness regarding foot care in diabetes is a major cause of developing diabetic foot ulcers. The complexity of this disease is such that it needs a collaborative approach by various health care professionals (HCPs) to achieve the desired outcome. This study therefore aims to assess: readiness of the HCPs to function as a part of the interprofessional (IP) team; usefulness of an IP educational module developed by the IP team; and the effectiveness of IP educational intervention in improving knowledge and practices of self-management of foot among patients with type 2 diabetes.

An IP team was formed involving HCPs from Anatomy, Medicine, Endocrinology, Surgery, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Nursing. The willingness of the HCPs and their level of motivation to be a part of the IP team was assessed using in-depth interviews. Further, the IP team was involved in the development and validation of the educational module on self-management of diabetic foot. The knowledge and attitude of the study participants after the implementation of the educational module will be reassessed using questionnaires, focused group discussions, and in-depth interviews.

The study intends to develop a well-motivated IP team that would be actively involved in imparting the best practices of diabetic foot self-management using a well-designed IP educational module. It thus aims to improve societal health and bring about improved quality of life.

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Spring 10-1-2022