Preclinical psychopharmacological profiling of compounds.

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Our team is working in the field of preclinical psychopharmacological profiling of compounds of interest involving an array of behavioural, biochemical and molecular assays. The efficacy and safety evaluation of compounds of interest from the natural and synthetic origin is evaluated by various screening tools (RTPCR, ELISA, HPLC, Western Blot and behavioral pharmacology assays). We explore the therapeutic potential of compounds using in vitro and in vivo techniques related to neurological disorders such as Chemobrain, Neuroinflammation, Depression, Neurodegeneration, PTSD and anxiety. In recent years, the team has established a link between behavioural changes associated with neuroinflammation and subsequent attenuation of these changes by modulators of oxidative stress, inflammasomes, SIRT and NFkB.

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Publication Date

Spring 10-1-2022