Red blood cell alloimmunization among recipients of blood transfusion in India

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Immunohematology: Red cell alloimmunization and strategies for its prevention.

Background: There is a varied prevalence of red cell alloimmunization being reported from different parts of India. This study aimed to estimate the overall prevalence of alloimmunization in India by performing a systematic review of the literature and to establish the most suitable antigen-matching strategy to reduce the red blood cell (RBC) alloimmunization rate among transfusion recipients.

Materials and Methods: A systematic search of all the original articles published in English on RBC alloimmunization among transfusion recipients from India in MEDLINE, SCOPUS, CINAHL and Google Scholar bibliographic databases was conducted. The rate of alloimmunization was 0.5 per 100 patients tested for antibodies and 4.8 per 100 patients receiving transfusion. Considering E- and c-antigen matched red cells along with ABO and RhD matching may significantly reduce the overall occurrence of alloimmunization among Indian population who are transfusion-dependent.

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Spring 10-1-2022