Management of Multiple Adjacent Mandibular Recession Defects using Multiple Lateral Pedicle Flap Autografts-A Case Report


Sengupta A

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News Article


Background: Gingival recession in the aesthetic zone hampers the appearance of the patient’s smile and is cause for hypersensitivity in the teeth affected. Usually, the more the number of teeth affected, the more surgical procedures may be required to provide root coverage adequately. Methods: Five anterior teeth in the mandibular aesthetic zone were treated using multiple separate Laterally Displaced Pedicle Autografts (LPAs). Results: 90 days’ follow-up reveals adequate increase of keratinized tissue and root coverage. Conclusions: The surgical technique employed here may be a possible approach for single-sitting root coverage procedures of multiple adjacent anterior recessions, provided adequate thickness of biotype exists. This also limits discomfort due to elimination of grafting and provides aesthetic results. © This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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