Marketing and Information Systems

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In today's digital world, information systems (IS) are a crucial component of any business or service. It consists of both digital products and the tools for gathering and storing the data required to provide the knowledge and information required. Through the use of these digital systems, supplier and customer relations can be managed very successfully. It is particularly essential for quicker information sharing, communication, and feedback services. As a result of its popularity among users, social media (SM) also emerged as a critical tool in information security. These aspects demonstrate the importance of IS in supply chain management, product/service delivery, and human resource management for any business. Despite all of these advancements, many times the acceptance and success of these IS fall short of expectations. For example, government services delivered through electronic and mobile based platforms. Thus, understanding the role of IS in businesses, the challenges and opportunities in implementing newer technologies, the critical factors influencing adoption and success, and the quality and satisfaction of existing IS, are critical insights that help decision makers improve services and plan the IS implementation. All of these elements, particularly behavioral research, are critical components of marketing. Researchers are also interested in the role of digital marketing (particularly social media) in IS acceptance and success. Thus, the IS and marketing fields are inextricably linked and many researchers are focusing in this area of study.

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Spring 10-30-2022