Development of biomaterials for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

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My lab is looking at the development of biomaterials for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Hydrogels for 3D printing of skin: We are developing hydrogel matrices that can act as bioink for 3D printing skin and support cells. Currently, through our startup (RegenCo Innovations Pvt Ltd) we have patented a bioink formulation and presently we are testing the bioink formulation for printing skin.

Metal-Organic Nanoparticles: Our group is working on developing MOF nanoparticles as potential antimicrobial and wastewater remediation agents. These nanoparticles coated on surfaces have demonstrated antimicrobial activity against common hospital-borne pathogens. These nanoparticles have also been tested for the removal of organic dyes from wastewater.

Wearable sensors for movement analysis: our group in collaboration is also working on developing capacitance-based wearable sensors for movement analysis. These sensors can be utilized for measuring movements like respiration rate, pulse, gait, etc.

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Publication Date

Spring 10-31-2022