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: Various braces or orthotic supports are prescribed in various conditions with variety of indications, they may range from protective braces to resist the movement and support the limb which is damaged due to degeneration or post traumatic conditions like degenerative arthritis/post traumatic arthritis. Rehabilitative braces which are used to support the limb resisting unwanted movements and assisting locomotion, like in rehabilitation of ligamentous injury in recovery stage either following non operative treatment or following surgical intervention for example post Anterior Cruciate ligament injuries in knee joint, post-surgical intervention for instability at Ankle joint. Functional braces allow full range of movement at the joint but with additional support to prevent injuries, bracing worn as a protective aid during a sporting activity which involves cutting, jumping etc. When a Magnetorheological (MR) damper which has response time only a few milliseconds are incorporated in the braces mentioned above it increases the compliance to the braces as well as efficiency of the individual’s locomotion.

The yield strength of the MR damper is controlled by altering the viscosity of the damper fluid rather than having fixed damping as seen in passive dampers, thus, MR damping is considered to be semi-active damping. Thus, inclusion of MR damper, that provides appropriate braking in assistive devices such as orthoses and prostheses can be extremely useful for patients with various knee disorders and amputees. Implementation of intelligent control algorithms for braking control is found feasible to achieve quicker and efficient knee velocity control.

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Patent applied : Automated food processing Machine using Programmable Logic Controller / 201841045058 / on 29.11.2018

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Spring 10-1-2022