Team transformational leadership and workplace spirituality in facilitating team viability

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the moderating role of workplace spirituality (WS) in the relationship between team transformational leadership (TTL) and team viability (TV) under the theoretical lens of the theory of optimal distinctiveness of identities. This study adopted quantitative, cross-sectional research design at the team level of analysis among 141 software development project teams that belonged to 22 information technology (IT) organizations in the Indian IT sector to evaluate the effect of TTL behavior on TV under the conditional presence of WS. This research has found empirical evidence to show that TTL is positively associated with TV or the team members’ desire to be a part of future performance episodes of their team. However, this research has shown that the relative effect of WS on the relationship between TTL and TV is weaker in those teams that experience higher levels of WS than those teams that experience lower levels of WS.

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  1. https://doi.org/ DOI 10.1108/ICT-07-2018-0062 .

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Winter 11-1-2022