The role of hospitality institutions in the skilling of students for a career in hospitality

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News Article


The hesitancy or inability of education institutions to prepare employable graduates denotes that the hospitality management graduates lack skills, attitudes, and knowledge to obtain employment in their profession. Although all the hospitality institutions try to ensure that, their graduates are ready to start their careers in the hospitality industry and do assist the students in the same but still there is a huge gap between what the industry wants and what the industry graduates pose. The curriculum of hospitality is designed with internships being a part of the curriculum for the students to have real-life exposure to the hotel industry so that they can inculcate the necessary skills for the industry. During the course of the internship, the industry can assist the students to attain skills and recommend the institutions for preparing the requisite framework so that the students can be skilled before they graduate from the institution. The research will help to find out how industry and academia can make hospitality graduates skilled thereby making them better employable.

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Winter 11-1-2022