Date of Award

Winter 8-1-2016

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M.Sc. Nursing


Department of Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing

First Advisor

Mrs Asha K Nayak

Second Advisor

Dr Blessy Prabha Valsaraj


ABSTRACT The study titled “A study to evaluate the effectiveness of anger management programme on anger management among prisoners in Udupi district” was carried out by Mr. Manish Kumar Kaushik, in partial fulfillment of the award of Master’s Degree in Nursing, at the Manipal College of Nursing Manipal.

Objectives of the study were to assess the anger management among prisoners using Structured tool on anger management, determine the effectiveness of anger management programme among prisoners in terms of improvement in the mean scores of posttest and find out the association between anger management and selected socio demographic variables.

The conceptual framework for the study was based on General System Model by Bertalanffy (1991). Purposive sampling was used to select the sample. Pilot study was conducted among seven prisoners after establishing content validity and pretesting tools. Main study was conducted among 75 prisoners belonging to Udupi district prison.

• The major findings of the study were that Majority of subjects were in the range of 28 to 37 years i.e. 51(68%) and 57(76%) Hindus. All 75(100%) were males. Most of them belonged to joint family i.e. 49(65.3%) and 37(49.3%) had education of 1th to 7th standard. Most of them i.e. 38(50.7%) were skilled workers and married were 41(54.7%). Most of them i.e. 23(30.7%) had a monthly income of 2001 to 5000 rupees and 23(30.7%) had a monthly income above 8000 rupees. Twenty seven (36%) were detained in the prison for more than 6 months. Fifteen of them i.e. 20% had previous experience of police custody. Maximum possible score was 210 with range of 88-178. The mean score of pretest was 120.60 and SD was 19.57. The pretest scores of anger management, where Most of them belong to moderate i.e.69.30%. The value of Wilcoxon Signed rank test was found to be -7.398 which showed that there was significant difference between the pre-test and the post-test anger management score (p<.001). Hence it can be interpreted that the anger management programme was effective in improving anger management. The value Chi square test showed no significant association between the anger management and selected socio demographic variables

On the basis of the findings of the study, the following recommendations have been made for further research: • Similar study can be conducted in different settings.

• A comparative study can be done among the normal population and the prisoners. • Evaluative study can be done to assess the factors contributing to anger among the prisoners. • Multicenter randomized controlled trial can be done to check the effect of Anger management programme. • Observational study on anger management practice can be done for longer duration.

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