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Winter 10-1-2020

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M.Sc. Nursing


Department of Medical Surgical Nursing

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Dr Soumya Christabel

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Mrs Laveena Anitha Barboza


ABSTRACT A research study titled, “A study to assess the knowledge on post exposure prophylaxis and adherence to needle stick injury prevention measures among nurses in selected hospitals of Udupi taluk.” was conducted by Ms. Kusumavathi in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science in Nursing at Manipal College of Nursing Manipal, MAHE. The objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge on post exposure prophylaxis among nurses, and to observe adherence to needle stick injury preventive measures. The conceptual framework adopted for the study was based on health belief model” by Hochbaum, Rosenstock and Kegels which was developed in 1950.The research approach used in the study was a quantitative survey approach .Research design used was cross-sectional study design. The samples of the study were 300 nursing staff from the selected Hospital of Udupi taluk. The sampling technique used in this study was stratified proportionate sampling for obtaining the number of subjects to be taken from each department. Each department was considered as strata and proportionately the number of subjects from each stratum was taken. Sampling in each subject was selected by purposive sampling technique. The tool developed for this study were Tool 1: Demographic proforma, Abstract Manipal College of Nursing Manipal iv Tool 2:A structured knowledge questionnaire to assess the knowledge on post exposures prophylaxis Tool 3: A observational checklist to measure the adherence to needle stick injury prevention measures. to ensure the content validity, the tools were given to 7 experts along with evaluation criteria. the instrument was pretested and reliability was established. A pilot study was conducted in medical wards of Lombard Memorial Hospital and Lalitha hospital, Udupi among 30 participants. Administrative permission was obtained from the Dean, Manipal College of Nursing Manipal, Institutional Ethical Committee of Kasturba Hospital Manipal and Medical Superintendent of all the selected hospital of Udupi, taluk. Informed consent was obtained from the participants. The descriptive statistics was used to analysis the data by using SPSS ( statistical package for the social science) 16.0 version. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data according to the objectives of the study. The present study findings revealed that out of 300 participants 235(78.3%) of the participant were in the age of 21-30 years ,in 276(92.0%) were females, majority of the participants 238(79.3%) were GNM qualified, All the participants are staff nurses, Most of staff nurses are from medical ward 80(26.7%),Most of the participants 151(50.3%) were 1-5 years of experiences ,Majority of the participants 288(696.0%) were not sustained to needle stick injury, among all participants 10(3.3%) sustained to needle stick injury during drawing injection, Majority of the participants 285(95.0%) were aware about the needle stick injury reporting, the 283(94.3%) participants were heard about PEP, the participants 283(94.3%) aware hospital follow PEP guidelines for needle stick injuries, in 297(99.0%) were received Hepatitis B vaccine most of 3 doses 227(75.7%),Majority Abstract Manipal College of Nursing Manipal v 237(79.0%) of the participants were attended training programme regarding needle stick injury prevention guidelines from this most of them attended in once 135 (45.0%). The study showed that majority 220 (73.3%) participants had average knowledge on post exposure prophylaxis, 78 (26.0%) had good knowledge while 2 (0.7%) of them had poor knowledge . The study showed that obtained score by the participants was 9/9 in the area of basic concepts including risk factors on NSI ,7/7 in the area of prevention of NSI and 14/16 in the area of management of NSI including PEP . The majority of the participants 98 (97.1%) were non-adherent to blood withdrawal procedures. The participants 199 (100%) were non-adherent to injection procedures. The study population was limited to Udupi taluk. Hence the study findings cannot be generalized to other area of population. However, this study has implications to nursing practice, research, education and administration. Further qualitative study can be conducted among staff nurses to assess the perception of needle stick injury from infected blood borne pathogens.

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