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Winter 8-1-2018

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M.Sc. Nursing


Department of Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing

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ABSTRACT The study titled “A correlative study to assess the adjustment and self-esteem among the first year B.Sc. nursing students of selected nursing colleges of Udupi district” was carried out by Mr. Ankur Tiwari, for the partial fulfilment of requirement for the award of Degree of Master of Science in Nursing in Manipal College of Nursing Manipal, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Manipal, Karnataka.

The objectives of the study were to assess the adjustment among the first year B.Sc. nursing students by using adjustment assessment inventory, to determine the self-esteem among the first year B.Sc. nursing students by using state self-esteem scale to find the relationship between adjustment and self-esteem, to find the association between adjustment and selected socio-demographic variables and to find the association between self-esteem and selected socio-demographic variables of students studying in selected Nursing Colleges of Udupi District, Karnataka.

The conceptual framework for the study was based on Sister Callista Roy’s adaptation model. Samples were selected based on convenient sampling technique and a total of 196 nursing students were selected.

The tools used for study were demographic proforma, adjustment assessment inventory, state self-esteem assessment scale. The content validity of the tools was established through suggestions of experts. Pretesting of the tools was done by administering the tool to five students of Vidya College of Nursing Kaup, Udupi. Reliability was conducted among 20 students of Ashrith College of Nursing Kota, Udupi. Reliability of adjustment inventory was 0.96 and the state self esteem assessment scale had pre-established reliability of 0.78. Pilot study was conducted among 20 students of Dhanwantari College of Nursing, Udupi.

The administrative permission for conducting the study was taken from the Dean, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal. Research proposal with a validated tools were submitted to the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) and the clearance was obtained (Ref No. 862/2017)

The main study was conducted in the month of December and January 2018. Formal administrative permission to conduct the study was taken from the Dean and Principals of the concerned nursing colleges. The study was conducted in Manipal College of Nursing, Udupi College of Nursing, Vidyaratna College of Nursing, Canara College of Nursing of Udupi district Karnataka.

Among the 196 students, 190 (96.9%) of them belonged to the age group of 18-20 years. With respect to gender, 171 (87.2%) were females, majority of the samples belonged to Christian religion, 102 (52%), most of the students 108 (55.1%) had one sibling. Similarly, 139 (70.9%) of the students were hostelites. Maximum number 62 (31.6%) of student’s monthly family income was Rs.5001-10000. Majority of the students were 165 (84.2%) from nuclear family. Majority of the students 169 (86.2%) have studied in English medium in higher secondary class. Majority of the students 134 (68.4%) area of living of family was rural. Majority of the student’s 63 (32.1%) father’s education was secondary and mother’s education 55 (28.1%) was senior secondary. Most of the student’s 95 (48.5%) father’s occupation was self-business and mothers 114 (58.2%) were unemployed. Majority of the students 119 (60.7%) had moderate adjustment level and majority of the students 169 (86.2%) had good self-esteem. Karl Pearson’s correlation coefficient test was computed between adjustment and self-esteem to check the relationship. It was found that there was significant relationship between adjustment and self-esteem. Adjustment was significantly associated with gender (ᵪ2 =7.892, p =0.019) and monthly family income (ᵪ2=19.356, p=0.013) and there was no association was found between self-esteem and selected socio demographic variables.

The recommendations are made based on the present study findings for future research: a similar study can be done in larger population and comparative study can be done using urban and rural population.

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