Date of Award

Spring 10-1-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy


Department of Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Muhammed Shebil P, ,

Second Advisor

Naveen Cherian Abraham

Third Advisor

Nirmal Thomas, Saumya Dwivedi


Background: Scoping reviews are used to identify knowledge gaps and implications for decision-making. We conduct a scoping review to identify the OBI for ADL difficulties in musculoskeletal shoulder conditions and prepare evidence for OBI in Orthopaedic shoulder conditions. Objectives: To reviews the available literature to generate evidence on OBI for ADL difficulties for musculoskeletal shoulder conditions Methods: We searched five databases for indexed published literature of the OBI for ADL difficulties for musculoskeletal shoulder conditions, the type of interventions, and its effect on improving the ADL functions, using Arksey and O’Maleiy (2005) framework. Two independent reviewers screened citations for inclusions. Data abstraction was performed by one reviewer and verified by a second reviewer. Quantitative data on the OBI program, type of interventions, and effect of program syntheses were conducted. Results: After identifying and exclusion with criteria only 4 articles were included out of 1003 identified literature using keywords. Articles with occupational therapy intervention did not directly mention OBI but reflect on part of interventions as preparatory methods and tasks with less research evidence level. Conclusion: Revies concludes articles only mentioned preparatory methods and tasks and evidence is limited to justify OBI for ADL difficulties specific to musculoskeletal shoulder conditions.