Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

M.Sc. in Audiology


Department of Speech and Hearing

First Advisor

Ms. Bhargavi P G


Aim: The study aims to culturally adapt, administer, and assess public awareness of people in Karnataka regarding hearing health and hearing loss.Subject and Method: The design used in this study was a cross-sectional survey design. The sampling method used in this study was Quota sampling. In total, 720 participants aged 20-60 completed a culturally adapted questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 22 questions targeting the awareness of hearing loss and hearing health focusing on four domains: (1) Knowledge about infant hearing loss, (2) Cleaning and treating, (3) The effect of overexposure to noise and loud sounds, (4) Diagnostic delay. Results: Nearly 70% of the correct responses were given to almost all the statements by the respondents, although specific essential knowledge was lacking. Only 56% and 50.23% knew about specialized tests available for a hearing evaluation and the recommended standards on the duration of noise exposure. Conclusion:There is a general lack of public awareness about ringing sensation and its impact on an individual’s daily activities. Most people were also unaware of recommendation guidelines regarding a reduction in exposure duration to high-intensity noises; hence these findings support the need for noise reduction informative initiatives. In conclusion, this audiological questionnaire appeared to be a simple, practical, and reliable tool.

The results showed a need for continued development of comprehensive hearing conservation programs focusing on hearing aid management, early infant hearing loss detection, and noise exposure prevention, which will be necessary to continue developing.