Meliora is the student-organised undergraduate medical conference of Kasturba Medical College, MAHE, Manipal. It is a constitutional unit of Vedam-2023, the Academic Fest of KMC, Manipal. 2023 served as the inaugural year for this conference, hosting a remarkable 415 participants and over 140 presentations, by delegates from all across the country. The conference hosted keynote talks from notable speakers such as Dr. Muralidhar Thondebhavi and Dr. Santosh Kumar Chaturvedi. Additionally, panel discussions were held on the topic of, "Medicine vs Surgery", with distinguished panel members including Dr. Rajgopal Shenoy, Dr. Sriram Bhat, Dr. Archit Boloor, and Dr. Manjunath Hande. To enhance clinical knowledge, insightful workshops on Paediatric BLS, ECG Analysis, and Birthing Simulation were held. Additionally to promote interest in Molecular Research, a Workshop on Cancer Genomics was also held.

Since the dawn of time, the discovery led the path to improvement. From lenses used to observe micro-organisms to penicillin to treat bacterial infections, medicine has had no shortage of such findings. Every medical professional's goal is to treat patients to the best of their abilities and consistently improve their quality of care. It is with this vision, that the conference hosted a Case Presentation, Symposium, and Research Presentation. Additionally, a Healthcare Hackathon, “Eureka” was held by Incandescent, the Innovation club of KMC, Manipal, on the topic, “Reduce mortality in emergency situations by improving coordination between emergency services and hospitals to enhance patient care.”

The conference was a collaboration between the Student Research Forum, KMC Manipal and the Indo-German Conference of Lindau Alumni, with the goal of betterment of the field, hence, the name selected- “Meliora”, the Latin expression for “Better.” Together, as a fest and conference, Vedam and Meliora served the goal of increasing joy and motivation to learn, amongst medical students, and in the process, improve the standing of future physicians and healthcare.

Scientific Committe of Meliora-2023:

Organising Chairperson:Ms. Sukriti Chugh, Ms. Aditi Raghuram
Heads of Scientific and Chief Editors of Proceedings: Mr. Shivam Pradipkumar Thaker, Mr. Lalit Ritwik Pullela
Members of Scientific and Co-Editors of Proceedings:Mr. Vaibhav Gowda, Mr. Aaditya Anand, Mr. Adwait Sarma, Ms. Anushka, Mr. Arnav Trivedi, Mr. Aashish Aryan, Ms. Kritika Singh, Ms. Nishita Thalamathi, Ms. Rohita Mahesh, Ms. Saraeu Vangala, Ms. Shambhavi Joshi, Ms. Shreya Mehta,.
Acknowledgments: Dr. Naveen Salins- Associate Dean of Research, KMC Manipal; Dr. Shankar Bakkannavar- Head of UG Research Vertical of Health Sciences, MAHE and Faculty Advisor of Student Advisor to Student Research Forum, KMC Manipal; Mr. Vishnu Bharadwaj- Student Advisor to Student Research Forum, KMC Manipal, and Meliora.


Day-1: Research Presentation
Day-2: Eureka-Healthcare Hackathon
Day-3: Case Oral/Podium Presentation,Case Poster Presentation
Day-4: Symposium