Date of Award

Winter 7-1-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

B.Tech. in Civil Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering


Construction Industry is searching for newer and innovative methods to improve its functioning and be more viable in this highly competitive business world. One such technique which has proved its mettle is LEAN CONSTRUCTION. Lean Construction is a hybrid system which has been effectively used in manufacturing fields tweaked to the requirements of construction industry. With the focus of Waste Elimination, Effective utilization of Resources, Controlled activity and monitoring, Collaborative management methodology, implementation of Planning, monitoring and forecasting protocols the implantation has been proved to highly cost effective for the contractor thereby increasing the overall Margin , preventing Cost overruns and ultimately enhancing value for the customer. This method of construction management is beginning to be implemented in our country against which many barriers are cited. This Study is an attempt to understand the concept, the barriers for Lean Management to be widely implemented in our country and the possible mitigating factors to obviate these barriers identified.