Date of Award

Spring 8-1-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

M.Tech. in Structural Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering


Steel structures are widely growing in construction industry because of the low cost and time reduction in construction of a structure. Pre-engineered buildings, popularly known as PEB are Structures or components engineered at factory and then assembled at site. Computers have become indispensible in design offices because of their overall operation speed in design process. Designing in software helps reduce the design time and costs of project, if designers are well trained to use the software designs. The objective of this thesis is to develop nomograms for member end forces of single bay portal PEB frame by machine learning concept. Program is developed to find actual member end forces by Finite element method. Machine learning concept is developed in visual basic 6.0 software to determine predicted values of forces for different length and spacing values of portal frame.