Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

B.Tech. in Mechatronics


Department of Mechatronics

First Advisor

Mahesh Inamdar

Second Advisor

Kumareshan N


The focus of this project is to create a microservice which provides API endpoints, stateless REST APIs which can be accessed over HTTP just like a standard web page. The idea behind this approach is to make the application easy to build and maintain as they are broken down into smaller components which work together. Each component is continuously developed and maintained separately and therefore are easier to understand and test. This approach helps organizations to achieve much higher agility and be able to vastly improve the time it takes to get working improvements to production. In this project, JAVA’s spring framework is used for all the backend services. Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Microsoft Azure SQL are used as databases. Angular 7.0 is used to achieve the frontend of the project. JWT Authentication is being implemented to secure the endpoints. Spring MVC, part of spring framework, follows Model-View-Controller design and implements all the basic features of spring framework like Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control. The DispatcherServlet class in spring MVC maps all the incoming requests to the right resources such as controllers, models and views. Spring data JPA, also part of spring framework, is used to connect Spring Boot with the data sources in Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Microsoft Azure SQL. Spring security is used to secure all the endpoints so that no one without proper authorization can consume those endpoints. The conclusion of the project taken is to ensure the optimal and secure utilization of the data stored in the data sources using the endpoints and developing a UI to easily access the information stored. This project will be integrated with an already existing projects which predicts various scores of the advertisement being published by the clients. This UI will help the clients to check scores and other information related to their advertisements. The information is generated by fetching the required information using the API endpoint.

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Engineering Commons