Manipal Journal of Medical Sciences


Background: Academic proficiency along with clinical skills are essential assets for a medical practitioner. Therefore, Attitudes, Ethics, and Communication (AETCOM) module has been implemented by the Medical Council of India (MCI) as a structured program to train and develop professional skills among the first year MBBS students in medical colleges in India since 2019. Objective: To assess the knowledge and understanding of professional qualities in first-year medical students. Methods: This questionnaire-based study was conducted among 156 first-year MBBS students. The questionnaire was divided into three parts, held during the AETCOM Module Classes. Categorical variables were given in the form of frequency tables. The responses were depicted in the form of percentages. Results: In the process of evaluation, a significant number of students (99.36%) thought that the objectives of the session and the questions about the case scenario were interesting Majority of the students answered correctly for the multiple-choice question was Commitment to professional responsibilities don’t mean. (96.79%). About 12.82% of the students answered at least 5 questions incorrectly. Conclusion: Inclusion of MCI AETCOM module in medical student’s classes helped in learning and selfassessing professional skills and qualities.