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Background: Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are increasing rapidly and have become a major health problem worldwide. India, a developing country, is facing the same issue now and has the epidemic of coronary artery disease (CAD). Stress and poor lifestyle habits are identified as well-known risk factors contributing to the development of CVD in many patients. Patients with cardiovascular disease who do not respond to routine medical treatment will have to go through cardiovascular surgeries. Purpose: To identify various complementary therapies and update their clinical effectiveness among patients following cardiac surgery. Methods: We searched PubMed, Medline, CINAHL, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Scopus, Cochrane library, Indmed, Medind databases for identifying the relevant studies and retrieved available literature. The descriptive synthesis was done. Conclusion: Utilization of complementary therapies as adjuvant therapy in the post-operative period will be a promising intervention to reduce anxiety, pain, duration of hospital stay, use of sedative drug, and to promote relaxation, satisfaction and speedy recovery. The evidence is emerging that complementary therapies are the most important aspects of promoting healing experiences among patients following cardiovascular surgery. Further research is required to strengthen the evidence. Clinical Implications: Complementary therapies have many non-invasive techniques that are cost-effective. They are simple with fewer side effects when compared to drugs. Recent research shows that these therapies reduce the various risk factors and also improve postoperative outcomes inpatients following cardiac surgery

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