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End stage renal disease is a major, chronic, non-communicable, and irreversible health problem that affects people all over world including India. Being one of the worst inevitable complications of diabetes mellitus, diabetic nephropathy ranks first among the causes of end stage renal disease. There are only limited options for the patients with end stage renal disease; either to wait for a donor kidney or to undergo renal replacement therapies. Even though the definite treatment is renal transplantation, patients have to wait years for a matching donor kidney. Hence, they are forced to undergo dialysis to sustain their lives. Compliance towards haemodialysis treatment regimen is an unavoidable component for those who are undergoing maintenance haemodialysis. There exists a great demand for initiatives and positive attitudes from the part of patients to be compliant towards the treatment. This literature review has tried to identify the gaps between non-compliance among patients undergoing maintenance haemodialysis and educational interventions for solving issues and thereby improving the health related quality of life.

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