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Objective: The present study aims at comparing the effect of Helfer Rhythmic Skin Tapping Technique (HST) and Conventional Technique (CT) on pain perception of patients receiving IM injection. Methods: Quasiexperimental two groups, interventional study using cross over design was conducted at orthopaedic wards of Govt. Medical College Kozhikode, Kerala from May 2 – 21, 2011. A total of 82 patients admitted in orthopaedic wards, in the first post-operative day after orthopaedic surgery, who were receiving Inj. Voveran were included. After informed consent, subjects were purposively selected to Group I and II. The tools used were, (a) Interview schedule to assess socio demographic and clinical data, (b) Brief Pain Inventory to measure pre-procedure pain intensity and interference, (c) Anxiety Scale to identify the pre-procedural anxiety, (d) Numerical Pain Intensity Scale and Visual Analogue Scale to assess pain during intervention. Data were analysed by SPSS- version 15 and relevant descriptive, inferential statistics were computed. Result: There is significant reduction in pain perception scores of patients receiving IM injection with HST, compared to that with CT. There is no association between pain perception scores of subjects receiving IM injection with HST and selected socio demographic variables. The association between anxiety and pain perception scores of subjects receiving IM injection with HST is found to be negligible. Conclusion: Evidently, this study shows that the use of HST is highly effective in reducing pain perception during IM injection. By practicing this technique routinely nurses can contribute to improve patient’s comfort level by reducing the interventional pain

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