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Introduction: Pulmonary complications are the largest and serious post-operative complications of thorax and abdomen. Patients’ post-operative experience is directly linked to the pre-operative preparations. Objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of pre-operative teaching of breathing exercise in terms of knowledge and practice of patients undergoing elective abdominal surgery and on the incidence of post-operative pulmonary complications among patients undergoing elective abdominal surgery. Methods: A quantitative evaluative approach with a preexperimental one group pre-test – post-test design was adopted for the study. Fifty subjects were selected by using purposive sampling technique. Pre-test was checked by using structured knowledge questionnaire on breathing exercise and observational checklist on breathing practice. Post-test knowledge and practice assessment were done on the third post-operative day and the assessment of Post-Operative Pulmonary Complications (PPCs) was done on the fifth post-operative day. Results:The mean pre-test knowledge scorewas 7.48 ±2.35 and the mean post- test knowledge score was 22 ±3.51. The pre-test practice level of majorityof the patients was inadequate (46%) whereas the post-test practice level was adequate for majority of patients (64%). The findings of the study revealed that there was significant improvement in knowledge (t=15.66, P

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