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Introduction: Blockage of intravenous cannula (IV) is one of the major discomforts faced by the patients. Nurses not only directly administer the medication to the patients but also experience the difficulty while administering the medication through non-patent IV cannula. It is one of the major roles of a nurse to maintain the patency of IV Cannula by just following a flushing technique. Methods: A Quasi-experimental study was conducted among 60 patients on intermittent intravenous medication, 30 each in experimental and control group who met the inclusion criteria. Purposive sampling technique was used for selecting the sample. Data were collected from the subjects using patency checklist. From the first day of intravenous cannulation, normal saline flushing with 2ml of normal saline was administered intermittently twice daily after administering intravenous medication for 72 hours to experimental group and no saline flushing was given to the control group. The patency was observed twice daily for both the groups until 72 hours through the observational checklist. Results: The findings revealed that in the experimental group, after the intervention of saline flushing, (83.33%) patients had patent intravenous cannula for 72 hours. There was a significant difference in the patency status of intravenous cannula between the experimental and the control group (t(58) = 4.98 at 0.05 level of significance). There was statistically no significant association found between the patency of intravenous cannula with the selected extraneous variables like type of medication, size of cannula and site of cannulation. Conclusion: It was concluded that normal saline flushing could be used in maintaining the patency of IV cannula

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