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Background: Ageing is a gradual process, characterized by continued development and maturation. Every year there is an increase in the elderly population. Body temperature is an indicator of health status. However, thermoregulatory function is thought to decline with ageing. Therefore, it is significant to know the normal body temperature in elderly. Objective: Compare the normal body temperature among adults and elderly using Omron MC-510 tympanic thermometer. Methods: A cross sectional descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. Elderly (n=360) and adults (n=360) were screened for the presence of factors affecting core body temperature. Readings were recorded using Omron MC-510 tympanic thermometer twice in a day in the morning (8am-9am) and evening (4pm-5pm) for the selected subjects. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Comparison of adult and elderly normal body temperature was performed using inferential statistics. Results: The normal body temperature of the elderly was found to be 35.90 C and that of the adults was found to be 36.90 C. Conclusion: Study concluded that the normal body temperature in elderly is lower than that of the adults. There was a difference in normal body temperature between adults and elderly by 10 C.

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