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Introduction: It has been observed that children undergo a considerable amount of fear and anxiety when waiting for an upcoming surgery. Many non-pharmacological strategies are being used to manage the pre-operative fear and anxiety in children. This study evaluates the effectiveness of multimodal pre-operative preparation program on fear and anxiety of children undergoing surgery. Methods: It was a quasi-experimental study conducted in selected paediatric surgical units. Using purposive sampling technique, 12 children aged 8-12 years undergoing surgery were selected as study participants. They were divided into experimental and control groups — with six participants in each group. The experimental group received multimodal pre-operative preparation program, whereas the control group received routine care. Childs’ fear was measured using FACES fear scale for children and anxiety was measured using Numerical Anxiety Scale, on admission, prior to shifting the child to the operation theatre (OT), 24 hours, and 48 hours after the surgery. Result: The mean fear and anxiety score of children was less in the experimental group compared to the control group after the intervention. A significant change was observed in the experimental group for the mean fear score (Friedman (3) =17.74, p=0.001) and anxiety score (Friedman (3) =17.08, p=0.001) of children. The calculated Mann-Whitney test value was significant at the time points between the groups for fear and anxiety score (p

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