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Introduction: Sleep is one of the basic needs of every individual. The need for sleep is not realized and is neglected by most of the people due to various reasons and lack of knowledge about it. Sleep is essential for human well-being. During sleep, the rejuvenation of tissues that underwent wear and tear takes place. Sleep also gives rest to the organs. The most essential purpose of sleep is to conserve energy. Objectives: 1.To assess the quality of sleep and knowledge on sleep hygiene among nursing students. 2. To correlate the knowledge with sleep quality and practice. Methods: Participants of 60 students were selected for descriptive quantitative study.The study was done for a period of three months. The knowledge and practices on sleep were assessed with a validated self-administered questionnaire. Students were interviewed on the experiences of sleep disturbances. Pamphlets were distributed among the students and post evaluation was done through interview in which the students expressed that they were benefited through pamphlets and education. Results: The correlation between knowledge and practice of sleep hygiene showed a positive trend (r=.0466). There was also a positive correlation seen between the practice of sleep hygiene and the sleep quality (r=.2391 at p < .005). Correlation between knowledge and sleep quality was not statistically significant.

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