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Introduction: Defining what clinical teaching skills and behaviours are effective in influencing student learning is a challenging task. Objective: To identify the nursing students’ perception of effective clinical teaching skills and teacher behaviours, and its influence on learning in the clinical setting. Method: A descriptive correlative design was used for the study. A convenient sample of 110 nursing students of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Nursing Institutes completed a five point Likert Scale. Results: Overall, students perceived that all clinical teaching skills and behaviours are important as their average rating ranged from 3.56 to 4.11and 3.82 to 4.27, respectively. However, providing frequent timely feedback in student’s performance (M=4.11) and observing frequently their clinical skills (M=4.10), being honest with the students (M=4.27), demonstrating excellent communicating skills (M=4.26) were perceived to be the most important effective Clinical Teaching skills and behaviours. In addition, students’ collaboration with other health team members (M=3.95), teacher being available all the time in the clinical setting (M=3.93) were perceived to influence the learning. A significant correlation was found between the mean scores of perception of effective Clinical Teaching skills with their degree of influence on their learning (p

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