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Introduction: Pain is developed, when there is certain illness or injury. Patients under mechanical ventilator commonly experience pain, which is often overlooked. Factors such as stage of illness, invasive-procedures, and surgical interventions often aggravate pain in critical patients. Objective: The objective of this study was to assess pain levels among mechanically ventilated patients during routine nursing procedures by using the behavioral pain scale (BPS). Method: Non-experimental study was conducted among 30 mechanically ventilated patients admitted in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), in Down Town hospital Guwahati, Assam during different nursing interventions, fifteen patients were assessed during turning and fifteen patients were assessed during endotracheal tube suctioning. Purposive sampling technique was used to obtain the sample. Biological parameters and the standardized tool: Behavioral Pain Scale (BPS) was used to measure the study variables. Results: The findings revealed that majority nine (93.3%) of the patients experienced moderate pain, whereas the remaining one (6.7%) experience no pain during turning. During endotracheal tube suctioning, the findings revealed that majority twelve (80%) of the patients experienced moderate pain, whereas the remaining three (20%) experience no pain. The study also showed that there was no significant difference between the level of pain experienced during turning and endotracheal tube suctioning (p< .05). There was a significant association of pain with endotracheal (ET) intubation. Conclusion: It was concluded that patients under mechanically ventilator experienced pain during routine nursing procedures. Pain levels were associated with method of intubation.

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