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Background: Sleep is a necessary constituent of an individual’s health and wellbeing. The relationship between insomnia and psychiatric condition is now receiving increased attention. In adolescents, the sleep deprivation over time increases risk of depression, lowered self-esteem, and engagement in unsafe behaviour. Screening is very important to prevent further complications of insomnia. Methods: A cross-sectional survey among 1,070 adolescents by using demographic proforma, Athens insomnia scale, and self-structured questionnaire. Results: Out of 1,070 subjects, the prevalence of insomnia was found to be in 40% of the adolescents. The physical, psychological, social, academic, family, and environmental factors contribute to adolescent insomnia. Conclusion: The present study suggests that early diagnosis or screening for insomnia may prevent further complications. Thus, more studies to screen, reference, and required interventions in adolescent insomnia are highly recommended

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