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Introduction: Deployment of flipped lecture room techniques in undergraduate nursing program can be a very useful tool in increasing the student’s attention and learning process. It brings in a lot of accountability for selflearning among nursing students. Aim: The main aim of this review was to identify studies that have been conducted in nursing education using flipped classroom methods or techniques, to identify the benefits achieved by students and faculty members, to describe the current practice from studies reviewed and to develop a feasible model for practice. Materials and methods: The review was done using the electronic data bases including Google Scholar, Scopus, Science Direct, PubMed, and CINAHL for primary studies, which used flipped classroom techniques in nursing education. Seven articles which met the criteria for review were included. Results: The outcome of this review revealed that the flipped lecture room model proves to be beneficial to the students including improvement in their mean test scores, self-learning and increase in their level of confidence in performing clinical skills. Further, this review showed that it brought in satisfaction to students and faculty members (who were involved in the studies reviewed) when compared to traditional methods of teaching and a simple model to execute this flipped classroom method was developed. Conclusion: This review has identified seven studies which used this flipped classroom method and the benefits identified were exciting achievement for nursing students and educators, developed confidence among nursing students in performing clinical skills, enhanced self-learning, development of one’s own learning style among nursing students and increase in their final grades of their exams. A total of 403 students were participants in this review and it requires further research into particular strategies and indicators which proves the effectiveness of flipped classroom methods. Studies in this review are mainly from western counterparts and few studies from the Asian continent, thereby highlighting the need for further research.

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