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Introduction: All women consider pregnancy as a special time in their lives. Many changes occur in a woman’s body during this time, her emotions, and during different events in the life of the woman. All these changes lead to stress and anxiety in pregnant women. Reflexology is one of the most effective techniques for reducing the severity of anxiety. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to determine the anxiety level on primigravid mothers and to find the effectiveness of Foot Reflexology on anxiety. Methodology: Quantitative evaluative approach with a quasiexperimental two group pre-test – post-test design was used for the study. Thirty samples were selected by purposive sampling technique from a selected rural area of Mangalore. Pre-test was done using modified Zung Self-Rating scale and Foot Reflexology was administered to the experimental group on the same day following pre-test for 20 minutes duration. Post-test was conducted using the same scale after seven days of intervention. Results: In the experimental group, a majority 93.3% of primigravid mothers had moderate anxiety and the remaining 6.67% of sample had severe anxiety before administering Foot Reflexology and after administering Foot–Reflexology 6.67% had moderate anxiety and 93.3% of them had mild anxiety. In the experimental group, the mean post-test score (38.87±6.31) was less than the mean pre-test score (53.27±6.75). Conclusion: The present study concluded that a regular practice of Foot Reflexology had high effectiveness in reducing anxiety level among primigravid mothers.

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