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Adolescence is the phase of transition between the childhood and adulthood, which leads to changes in physiological and psychological aspects. The present study pointed out the effectiveness of mental health promotion program on pre-university students. It brings positive outlook in their future life in various aspects. Objectives: Determine the knowledge of Pre-university students on mental health promotion and evaluate the effectiveness of Mental Health Promotion Program (MHPP) among pre-university students. Materials and Methods: Research design adopted in this study was quasi experimental pre-test and post-test control group design with an intervention to assess the effectiveness of program. Data was collected using demographic pro forma and knowledge questionnaire on mental health promotion. Data analysis was done using SPSS software 16 version. Results: In the pre-test, most 95.71% of the students had poor knowledge, 4.29% students had average knowledge scores in mental health promotion knowledge questionnaire. In the post-test, most of 52.85% had poor knowledge, 30% had average knowledge and 17.15% had good knowledge scores. Conclusion: Mental health promotion program was very effective in boosting the adolescent’s knowledge on mental health promotion. In present study, only 8.57% students had poor knowledge in the post-test of experimental group and in control group most of them (97.14%) had poor knowledge scores on MHPP

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