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Introduction: Clinical decision making (CDM) is a vital component in the professional nursing care. The sound decisions made by the nurses have direct influence on patient’s speedy recovery. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to assess the level of scores of CDM skills among nurses, assess the scores of CDM skills related to subscales and item analysis, compare the scores of CDM between government and private sector nurses and associate the level of CDM skills with selected demographic variables. Method: A comparative study was conducted among 94 nurses working at government and private sector hospitals. A convenience sampling technique was solicited. CDM skills were measured using Jenkin’s Clinical Decision Making in Nursing Scale (CDMNS). Results: The findings revealed overall mean, standard deviation, and mean percentage of CDM to be 110.56, 39.85, and 55.3 respectively. It was found that 57.2 was the maximum mean percentage obtained by nurses in the third subscale of evaluation and re-evaluation of consequences. Item analysis revealed item 26 ranked first and first item ranked 40. Nurses working in government sector were reported to have more CDM than nurses in private sector (t = 4.936, p

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