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Introduction: In 21st century, nursing profession is enriched with many theories. However, there exists a wide gap between knowledge and implementation of nursing care. Aim: The paper explains causes of this gap and addresses a solution using a conceptual model titled “Intersensory perception in nursing care ‘under empirical concept’ open your sixth sense in addition to five traditional senses.” Methods: A qualitative case study design was used for testing the conceptual model. Results: The paper classifies the different modalities of sensing, adds one more nontraditional sense (auto thermoception) to five traditional senses and depicts how general sensory perception can be upgraded to inter-sensory perception among nurses through nursing education process, which is pictured as nursing foundry lab model. It also explains that how nurses can identify homeostatic imbalance among human beings using intersensory perception and help the patient to retain homeostasis. Further, a comparative analysis is done with Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory and criterion based critique model is used to evaluate the role of inter-sensory perception in nursing care. Conclusion: Hopefully, these concepts pave the way to implement an effective nursing care using inter-sensory perception and reduce unintentional torts by overcoming ‘numbness’ of senses

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