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Background: Postpartum depression (PPD) is a major source of morbidity among women who have recently delivered a child. The recognition and timely identification of risk factors of PPD is very essential to plan appropriate interventions. Objective: Current review aims to explore associated factors of postpartum depression in South Asian region. Methods: Searches of observational cohorts and surveys were performed in Medline (PubMed), CINAHL, ProQuest, and Scopus databases from 2005 to 2016 to identify English language articles. Results: Twenty-four articles were eligible for analysis. The risk factors related to postpartum depression were grouped under following categories: Demographic, psychological, social, obstetric, and infant factors. Some risk factors identified are unique to Asian culture that includes poor relationship with mother-in-law, disappointment with the sex/gender of the baby, and having never had a son. Conclusion: The review identifies overall risk factors associated with postpartum depression in South Asian region. Health care providers should screen the women for risk factors of PPD during antenatal and postnatal period, so that appropriate interventions can be initiated at an early stage

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