Manipal Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences


Introduction: Breastfeeding is the best contribution a mother as well as a nation can give to further generations. It is found that the initiation of breastfeeding within the first hour of birth can prevent new-born deaths in developing countries. Objectives: The objectives of the study are to compare the time of initiation of breastfeeding and to compare the initial weight loss of new-borns between the interventional and control group. Methods: Quantitative research approach was used. A quasi-experimental design with non-random assignment was used to select 50 newborns, who were assigned to two groups: Interventional and control with 25 new-borns in each group. Study was conducted in the labour room as well as post-natal wards of a Medical college hospital. Breast Crawl was conducted in interventional group whereas routine method was carried out in control group. Time in minutes was recorded and compared between the groups. Also, the new-borns’ weight difference was calculated from the observations of first and third day of life. Results: Study results showed that there was significant reduction in time of initiation of breastfeeding with t value of 7.85 (p



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